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Life-of-the-Project "Zero Risk"

Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Base Price and Options Package is defined as the total amount the Buyer pays for the new home. This price combines base price with all added options. This is the total Selling Price of the home.

If the Base Price and Options Package for the specific floor plan falls below the amount established (the “Guaranteed Price”).

If the same home with the same floor plan and options closes escrow by a new original Buyer by the Seller - Bristol Pacific Homes, Inc. will either :

a) adjust Buyer’s price to match the lowered Base Price and Options Package if Buyer is in escrow and escrow has not closed, or

b) issue a check to Buyer for the sum difference between the Guaranteed Price and the lowered Base Price and Options Package for that same floor plan and options.

Any payment to Buyer will be made within sixty (60) days of the close of escrow of the home with the lowered Base Price and Options Package for that same floor plan and options.

Seller will not compensate the Buyer for any consequential or actual differential in any Buyer or third party fees, costs or expenses that may be directly or indirectly associated with a reduction in Base Price and Options Package to Buyer.

Buyer acknowledges that this Life-of-the-Project Guarantee binds Seller personally, is not a covenant running with any land, and is not binding on mortgagees or other lien holders in the project where home is located, whether such succeeding interest occurs by voluntary transfer or foreclosure and sale to a successor.

Seller provides no advice relating to the tax consequences of this Life-of-the-Project Price Guarantee. Buyer is urged to seek the advice of a tax professional for the potential impact on the Buyers finances in the event that this Policy is triggered.


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