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Bristol Pacific Homes - Process


Our focus is building you a custom, personalized home – the home you really want. To make that happen, we enable you to be a partner in the home-building process. It starts with understanding your home needs and wants, continues through design and construction, and concludes only after you have moved in and are fully satisfied. Our goal is creating customers for life.

Working with us, step-by-step:

1. Contact us and set a first appointment: We’ll discuss your ideas, plans and budget.

2. Second appointment: If we have drawn plans for you, we will review them, make any modifications and set the preliminary budget.

3. Third appointment: Finalize plans, present detailed scope of work, and set a near-final budget and construction timetable.

4. Subcontractor review: We review plans with our subcontractors, consider any issues they may have, and make any adjustments in order to present you with final documents and the delivered price.

5. Contract: You approve the final documents and make initial deposit. At this stage you also obtain financing and a bank commitment.

6. Construction begins: You’re assigned a project manager who is there for you to interact with, answer questions and handle any issues. Changes can be made and any cost/delivery adjustments are explained and agreed to.

7. Walk through: Prior to completion, you and your project manager inspect the home for your approval. Once approved, you make final payment at a legal closing. Any small details will be taken care of prior to payment.

8. Move in: This begins your 1-year warranty covering materials and workmanship. If you have any questions or concerns during the 1-year period, just call us.

Normal fees and deposits may apply at design and pre-construction stages.

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